Hi Aussie…

May 8, 2008

Welcome home away from home.

I can’t express what I felt (or feel right now) but I had to post this for me, for you, for anyone that lived (or was born) in Australia and has returned to make a life in Greece.

I started writing this during a spontaneous moment, but as time went by I would like to see it grow and become “something” more permanent to chat, to learn, to reminisce, to meet with other Aussies, to feel at home away from home.

I would like to see something that everyone can get involed with, to post, to comment, ask a question, meet for a latte or a bbq, talk about anything and everything, call someone mate…

Hope and dreams…

A bit about me…

My name is Costas and fortunatly or unfortunatly I have “2 patrides”.  I love one… but will always love the other as well.

Melbourne, my birthplace, the city were I spent the first years of my life.  During the late 70’s, I left for Greece were I spent my happy teen years, completed school and the army, and in the late 80’s and decided to visit Melbourne.

Its been 20 years now that I’ve called Melbourne home and the time has come to retun to Greece.

I’ll miss you Melbourne… I’ll miss you alot.


PS. Saudade my love, leaving a big piece of me behind at McColl Court in West Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.